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Green Wave Environment – Environmental Consultancy

Green Wave Environment provides consultancy and support solutions for projects in areas related to environmental quality – water pollution, soil pollution and groundwater pollution – for industrial, agricultural, public companies and organizations, fuel companies and more.

The managers and consultants at Green Wave Environment have acquired a well-deserved reputation and considerable experience in project management and organization, from the evaluation and characterization stage to the implementation and management of entire projects, while maintaining direct, ongoing contact with local and State authorities.

Services provided by the Company

Contaminated Site Management (CSM)

  • Preparing historical surveys
  • Preparing soil gas surveys
  • Preparing soil and groundwater pollution characterization surveys
  • Preparing programs of rehabilitation alternatives
  • Rehabilitating polluted soil and groundwater

Promotion of programs and business licensing

  • Writing hydrological reports according to the requirements of National Outline Plan No. 18, Amendment No. 4
  • Models of pollution dispersion in groundwater
  • Promotion and support of licensing processes for fuel stations and businesses which involve the Ministry of Environmental Protection and environmental units (including "technical reviews")
  • Support of construction of new fuel stations, from the planning stage to delivery of relevant paperwork to the Ministry of Environmental Protection and environmental units for the purpose of obtaining the business license and completion permits


  • Environmental consultancy and support for companies – preparing work programs to ensure compliance with the requirements of applicable law
  • Environmental expert opinions for real estate companies before purchasing land
  • A "basket" of environmental services for fuel stations to ensure compliance with the requirements of the Ministry of Environmental Protection